We, the CCD Program (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) of Saint Maron’s Church, strive as Teachers in fidelity to the Maronite Catholic faith to instill in the Students in our care (Kindergarten to MYO) a love for God, community, and self, through religious instruction and the
sacramental life of the Maronite Catholic faith. We seek to assist parents and caregivers in their role as primary religious educators for their Children, so together we may cultivate in our Students a deep understanding of what it means to live a Christ-centered life in today’s world, by means of Bible study and enrichment activities set in a safe and nurturing environment.


As we commit to embark on this wonderful journey together, we would like you to:
• Participate in Divine Liturgy with the Saint Maron community every Sunday. • Commit to attending Religious Education classes regularly.
• Participate in Penance Services, Retreats, and service projects. • Participate in Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist (second grade). • Live as Disciples of our Lord Jesus within parish, home, and school. • Seek other opportunities to serve others with the help, support, and guidance of your parents and caregivers, your teachers, and your spiritual leaders.


• Religious Education classes for grades Kindergarten through MYO meet on Sundays following Divine Liturgy until 1:00PM. Please consult the CCD Calendar for more details.
• Communication between Teachers and home is facilitated by the means of traveling folders which are sent home with the Students weekly. • For any questions or concerns, you may contact:

Mrs. Rosemarie Marrone stmaronccd@hotmail.com

Father Andrawos El-Tabchi  pastor@saintmaron.org (215) 389-2000

You can register for CCD through our online form Here